Jane Letourneau receives Willy Watson Integrity Award

blog 2016 jane award.jpg

Acacia Global’s Executive Director, Jane Letourneau, is the recipient of the Willy Watson Integrity Award from MSC Business College in Cape Town, South Africa. The award is presented to an individual who best embodies the values of MSC: passion, professionalism, innovation, respect, and integrity. In presenting the award, Willy Watson said:

“Acacia Global has donated close to R100 000 to support MSC students. Not only does she (Jane) support them financially, but she also sets up mentors for the students in the townships. One of the values of MSC is passion. One of the values of Jane is compassion.

There was a time when I said Jane should not support a certain student because the student was not making an effort. Her compassion drove her to insist on not only continuing the support for the student, but to put additional measures in place to help the student. I am pleased to say that Jane’s insistence paid dividends and the student has responded positively.”

We join Willy Watson and MSC in acknowledging Jane’s compassion. Congratulations, Jane, on a well-deserved recognition

Susan Everson