Global Leadership Award Recipients

Our Global Leadership Award recognizes extraordinary leadership in South Africa. The annual award, announced on December 10th, Human Rights Day, recognizes the work and life of individuals.

The lives of community leaders are stressful, and rarely are these individuals adequately compensated. In addition to demanding careers, they often have competing demands for their time and resources. To alleviate some of these pressures, and reduce burnout, recipients of the Global Leadership Award receive $5,000.


2018 Recipient

Vuyani Qamata, Founder, Sinako Urban Farms

Having experienced firsthand the toll that diseases like cancer and hypertension took on his family, and seeing children suffer from hunger and malnutrition, Vuyani founded Sinako Urban Farms. Vuyani is committed to creating food forests and educating students about the importance of healthy foods and nutrition. In 2016, his efforts were awarded with recognition as the “Best School Food Garden” from South Africa’s Department of Education National School Nutrition Programme.

Vuyani Qamata.png


2017 Recipient

Mathaps Ngaka-Mtati, Community Director, Monkeybiz

Mathaps has worked tirelessly with hundreds of beaders in the townships of South Africa to support them in their work and lives. Her determination and creativity have transformed the lives of countless families in her community and brought joy to the thousands of people who have purchased original works of beaded art from Monkeybiz.



2016 Recipient

Bheki Kunene, CEO,
Mind Trix Media

Bheki was the first business leader to be recognized with our Global Leadership Award. Founder of Mind Trix Media, the first design company to be based in the township of Guguletu, South Africa, Bheki hires and trains people from the community and gives back through corporate volunteerism and philanthropy.

Bheki 2016 award.png


2015 Recipient

Vuyiseka Dubula, Founder,
Activist Centre for Education and Development

Vuyiseka, an extraordinary role model, was recognized for her efforts to mentor, support, and educate girls and women. As the former Secretary General of South Africa’s preeminent HIV/AIDS advocacy organization, the Treatment Action Campaign, Vuyiseka has dedicated her life to social justice issues. She is the 2018 recipient of the Franco-German Prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law.



2014 Recipients

Patricia Sola and John Mafukidze, Co-Founders,
Hope Initiatives of Southern Africa (HISA)

Patricia and John are dedicated to the people who live in their community outside of Windhoek, Namibia. Visionaries in providing food and education to orphans and vulnerable children, they have transformed lives through their hard work and determination.

2014 award Patricia and John.png


2013 Recipient

Mandla Majola, Founder,
Movement for Change and Social Justice

A respected and fearless advocate, Mandla has led prestigious nonprofits such as the Treatment Action Campaign and the Social Justice Coalition. His work has resulted in improved treatment for people with HIV/AIDS, reduced rates of rape and incidents of gender-based violence, and increased access to safe drinking water and cleaner sanitation in the townships of South Africa.

2013 award Mandla.png