Change makes change

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At Acacia Global, our work starts with change.

In the townships of South Africa and Namibia, we support individuals and organizations by helping to create change in their lives and communities.

For 10-year-old Neo and his mother Lydia, both of whom struggle with multiple diseases and poverty, the change Acacia Global has made in their lives is to eliminate the stress of worrying about food and school fees.

Acacia Global’s sponsorship of computer training for volunteers of the Treatment Action Campaign means young adults now have the needed skills to apply for jobs.

Working with Hope Initiatives, Acacia Global has dramatically changed the lives of 28 children who, without our sponsorship, would not be attending kindergarten classes or receiving the tutoring that they need to succeed in school.

Our work is about change, and we’re asking you to help us by adding your change to Acacia Global’s “Change Fund/Fund Change Campaign.”

That dime in your pocket can help feed someone who is hungry. The quarter in your purse can help keep a child in school. The change that’s been gathering on your dresser can help change the world.

We’ve made donation boxes in hopes that you will collect your loose change for Acacia Global. When your box is full, take the coins to your bank and then send Acacia Global a donation. You will see it create real change for others. (If you would like to have a box or two for your desk or dresser, please send us a message, and we’ll mail one to you.)

With your support, Acacia Global will continue to change lives.

P.S. Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 this year through our “Change Fund/Fund Change Campaign.” We believe this is a wonderful way for children, classrooms, and faith communities to learn about global issues, while also contributing to solutions. Please contact us if you have ideas on others who might want to join Acacia Global’s “Change Fund/Fund Change Campaign.”

Susan Everson