Treatment Action Campaign training

Recently, Acacia Global sponsored a series of computer trainings for the Khayelitsha, South Africa branch of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC).  Literacy Practitioners and Community Mobilizers had the opportunity to train and improve their computer skills.  We received an update from TAC, with the following feedback from a few of the attendees.

Ntomboxolo Giyose, Community Mobiliser: “I had little information about computers before the training; now that I went for some computer training I have a better understanding of computers.  I can even do my own report without being assisted by someone else. I can also do financial reports using the Excel programme.  Before I could only open a computer and Microsoft Word and then not know what to do further.  I now know how to use other programmes such as PowerPoint and prepare my presentations. I wish more people from my community would be availed the same opportunity as I had to improve my skills.  I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

North Nobola, Community Mobiliser: “Before the computer training I couldn’t even open up a computer and write my name.  I used to look at a computer and be scared to even touch it. Now things are different; I know myway around the computer a bit, but I still need more training to learn about other programmes like Excel and PowerPoint.  These days I do my own reports and plansusing Microsoft Word without much assistance from my peers.”

We know that our efforts, no matter how small they seem, can combine to be significant. This training will contribute to the quality of work that the Treatment Action Campaign is doing for their community, and might offer the students job advancement opportunities. For more information about the Treatment Action Campaign, follow this link. The Treatment Action Campaign has been a leader in South Africa’s HIV/AIDS efforts for more than 15 years.

Susan Everson