Creating change with Acacia

Last summer we launched the “Change Fund/Fund Change Campaign,” because at Acacia Global we know that meaningful change can start with something as simple as the change in your pocket.

And, thanks to you, here are a few of the ways we’re helping create change:

  • For 10-year-old Neo and his mother Lydia, both of whom struggle with multiple chronic diseases and poverty, we’ve helped eliminate the stress of worrying about food and school fees.

  • Working with Hope Initiatives, we’ve helped changed the lives of 28 children who can now attend kindergarten classes or receive the tutoring that they need to succeed in school.

  • We’ve helped students at MSC College, who might otherwise have to give up their dreams of a better tomorrow for themselves and their families, by providing scholarships for their studies.

As we welcome spring and begin to clear away the cobwebs of winter, consider taking your Change Fund box to the bank, and donating that amount to Acacia Global. Click this link to donate online. You will see your change create real change for others. We invite you to begin collecting again — if you need a new or additional bank, please let us know!

With your support, Acacia Global will continue to change lives.

Susan Everson