Meet Lumkile Sizila

Lumkile lives with his wife, Ayanda, his 11-year-old daughter, Leletu and his brother, Zamile, in Khayelitsha, a township outside Cape Town. Lumkile works at the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) in Khayelitsha. TAC works in the community advocating for people living with HIV/AIDS, those who have been raped and to improve basic human rights.

Lumkile came to Cape Town from the Eastern Cape, and began working as a counselor with the organization Wolonami. There he became well known as a voice for those living with HIV/AIDS who were not getting adequate medical treatment. As someone who is HIV positive, Lumkile felt he could do more to mobilize the community to ask the local government to provide antiviral drugs at no cost. Lumkile started volunteering with TAC in 2004 while continuing his work with Wolonami. In 2008, he joined TAC full-time as a Youth Coordinator, where we met him.

“I like working for my rights and the rights of the community. I started HIV support groups and felt that TAC was the platform where I could do more,” Lumkile told Acacia Global. “I like the fact that I work in the community I live in. I am passionate about my community and I volunteer by passing out condoms, going to community meetings and working to create a safe place for women to go to if they have been raped. “

He recently approached Acacia Global about improving his English, and we’re excited to be able to help. As a primarily Xhosa speaker, he is challenged working with coloured and white communities who do not speak Xhosa. We know improving his English skills will build his confidence, allowing him to express the passion he has for human rights, and mobilize others.

Thanks to your support, Lumkile started a six-week intensified, after work English course. We are proud to support Lumkile in his endeavor to improve himself, and help mobilize more people willing to take up the fight for basic human rights.

Thank you, Lumkile, for your tireless efforts in the fight for human dignity!

Susan Everson