Nelson Mandela Day is Tuesday

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Tuesday, July 18th is Nelson Mandela International Day—a day when people are encouraged to spend at least 67 minutes doing something good for the world. The number, 67, honors the 67 years that Nelson Mandela fought for social justice, equality and democracy.

The day, celebrated on Mandela’s birthday, was inspired by a speech he gave urging the leaders of all nations to change the world for the better. He said in that 2008 speech, “It’s in your hands now.”

It is in our hands.

Join all of us at Acacia Global by doing a little bit of good in the world on Tuesday, July 18. And, if you want to do more, please consider a gift of $67 to Acacia Global, so we can share some of our resources with the country that gave us all Nelson Mandela.

Street art portrait by Brian Rolfe

Susan Everson