Response to President Trump


President Trump’s vulgar comment about African countries, Haiti, and El Salvador is racist, ignorant, and offensive. Acacia Global joins with other organizations around the world in denouncing the President’s remarks and calling for him to apologize.

Trump’s presidency would benefit from understanding and embracing a spirit of ubuntu, which translates to We are because you are, and you are because we are. In the United States we might say We’re all in this together. And, we are ­— all of us — in this together.

Acacia Global rejects the language of division and hate. We know that the compassion of Americans doesn’t end at our borders. Our generosity doesn’t extend only to those we know. Our love isn’t shared only with those who look like us.

We are committed to intentionally creating the world we want to live. And that is a world that champions diversity and inclusion, and treats everyone with respect and dignity.

Susan Everson