Lihle's story

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Acacia Global met Lihle in 2003 when she was 7 years old. Through the years we have watched her grow and become a young adult hoping to have the opportunity for an education in order for her to pursue her desire to become a nurse. Because of Acacia Global, we are able to assist Lihle and her family with a bursary (scholarship) for 2014 for her to start on her journey.

Here is Lihle’s story in her own words:

My Mother Inspires Me 

My name is Lihle Qinga. I am 18 years old. I was born and raised in South Africa in Cape Town, in the township of Guguletu. I attend school at Goodhope High School and currently this year I am doing my pre-matriculant level which is grade 11. The school I attend is a SDA institution where we learn/study more about  Jesus Christ. I appreciate all the service I receive at Goodhope which was my school of choice.

I would appreciate this funding because I am determined to further my studies. I was raised by a single parent who made me who I am today. This woman made things possible even when it was impossible. She doesn’t have the upper class or perfect job but she inspires me to hold on. A mother like this is the one that would deserve more especially from me. When I have completed my high school level I would like to go to a professional nursing school — the best one. What I really want is to be a professional nurse. I am determined to do this because I believe it’s in me.

Susan Everson