Update from our Namibia partner — HISA

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The following is an excerpt of a report that was sent to a program which also supports HISA, called Project Africa. You might be interested to hear —directly from the program —about the work that is happening.  We are glad to know that children are being fed and educated because of your support!

2013 – GENERAL REPORTING AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Another year, more accomplished.  2013 has been a busy but fruitful year… 2013 has seen further capacity building of the HISA team for more responsibility and accountability in 2014. HISA is running centre programmes with guidance and support from Patricia. We are continually grateful for our other special partners Jane Letourneau and the Acacia Global team, TDH and this month Welwitcha Insurance who gave us a surprise blessing!!!

FEEDING PROGRAMME — This has been an exciting start. We are already up and running with the feeding programme. We have 105 children receiving meals 5 days in a week and 247 children ( Main Stream ) receiving meals 3 times in a week.

GARDEN REPORT — The Garden is reeling from the just ended drought dry spell in November – December 2013. There was a heavy down pour in January which filled both 5000 litres tanks at the centre. Trees are doing excellently and the mulberry tree has grown tall. We have planted more vegetables in the Garden. Currently the Garden is not producing enough vegetables because of the dry spell and we have been supplementing with vegetables from the local market. With the current rains it looks like we will overcome this challenge in two months.

SCHOOLING PROGRAMMING PROGRESSING — Thanks to Acacia Global as well as Project Africa, our bridging school children were well supported and managed to pass their entrance exams at various formal schools!! 41 of the 57 children in the 2013 class have been taken in at the two local primary schools. 2014 35 children are currently registered under this programme. We have a Centre for Global education volunteer assisting us until June 2014. We have been able to buy supplies and materials in the beginning of this year.

Note:  The students in the bridging school are there because the might not have a birth certificate, are older and have not been in school before, or don’t have the funding to go to the regular school. The HISA bridging school gives students the skills (or time to acquire the paperwork) they need to enter the regular school system.

Susan Everson