“Forbes Africa” profiles Bheki Kunene, an Acacia Global award winner

blog 2014 bheki forbes 2.jpg

Bheki Kunene, the first recipient of Acacia Global’s “Business Development Award,” is profiled in the August 2014 edition of “Forbes Africa.”

In the article, titled “Accused And Abused,” Bheki recalls his worst day in business when, within days of signing his biggest client, he was wrongly arrested for murder. Held in jail and tortured for five days, Bheki was released when police identified the real killer. When asked what he learned from his worst day, Bheki said that the experience “…really taught me some lesson in staying hopeful and never giving up even in the toughest of situations.”

Bheki’s optimism and perseverance are two of the traits Acacia Global recognized when he was awarded our first “Business Development Award” in 2013.

To read his story, click on the images below.

Susan Everson