Rachel Mogano: A student with distinction at MSC Business College

Linda Helfet, left, and Rachel Mogano

Linda Helfet, left, and Rachel Mogano

Rachel grew up in Limpopo, South Africa — the region where mango is produced ­— and came to Cape Town to further her education. She matriced with top honors from her school in 2012 and her dream was to attend university and become a software engineer. Rachel was given the opportunity to study at the University of Cape Town but found it very difficult to succeed given the education she had received in Limpopo (math was very difficult for her). While at UCT, Rachel met Linda Helfet, a friend of Acacia Global.  Linda was attending classes at UCT and, upon meeting Rachel, was very impressed with her desire to succeed and better herself.  Rachel left UCT but kept the dream of finding a place where she would fit in.

Linda suggested Acacia Global meet with Rachel and consider assisting Rachel with her education. This is where MSC came into the picture. Acacia Global began partnering with MSC Business College in November of 2013. Rachel went to MSC and completed an assessment of her capabilities after meeting with the principal, Danelle Botes.  It was determined that Rachel met the criteria to enroll in the Information Technology (Systems Development) program. Rachel started her IT classes in February 2014 and immediately Danelle and the teaching staff were very impressed with her tenacity to learn.

On her recent academic progress report, Rachel received marks of high distinction in all of her classes! She knows that her future will be better for her and her family. Recently, Rachel’s father has been supporting her living expenses but she is hoping that a certificate from MSC will enable her to get a job next year.  Her future goal is to enroll in online classes at UNISA where she would work towards her degree in Software Engineering.

We at Acacia Global are so proud of Rachel and her commitment to her studies and to her future!

Susan Everson