Snako passes to the 5th grade

Snako is 10 years old, loves the Orlando Pirates soccer team in South Africa and wants to be a pilot when he grows up. Snako will be starting the 5th grade at the Heideveld Primary School January 21st because of the generosity of Elizabeth Lindquist and Timothy Moore. Elizabeth and Tim have been sponsoring Snako since visiting Cape Town November 2013 when Acacia Global had the privilege of meeting them and introducing them to the townships outside Cape Town. After visiting Cape Town and seeing first-hand the condition so many people live in, Elizabeth and Tim felt compelled to do something. They asked if we could assist them in finding a child who needed support for his or her education. There are 11.2 million school-aged children in South Africa, and 97% of them attend school. The largest reason children do not attend school is because of financial restraints. This can be because the family does not have the funds to pay for education, or the children are needed at home to work or to babysit their younger siblings.

We met Snako in 2006 when he was a one-year-old. His father, Xolani, was a driver for the JL Zwane Centre at that time. Through the support of Acacia Global, Xolani obtained his Class 14 drivers license and this year was hired full time for the Golden Arrow Bus Company. Prior to getting this job, Xolani struggled with job security and had difficulty in supporting his family. With the support from Elizabeth, Tim and Acacia Global, Xolani does not have to worry about how he will pay Snako’s school and transport fees, or how his family will survive on a daily basis.

We are very proud of Xolani’s commitment to finding a job to support his family, Snako for passing the 4th grade and Tim and Elizabeth for having the compassion to improve a child’s life through education.

Susan Everson