Acacia Global's 2014 Leadership Award

Acacia Global is proud to announce that our 2014 Leadership Award was presented to Patricia Sola and John Mafukidze of Hope Initiatives (HISA) in Windhoek, Namibia in honor of Human Rights Day. This annual award includes a stipend that that will help alleviate the stress that can come with leadership and will give the recipient additional support to ensure that they remain engaged in transforming their communities.

The staff of Hope Initiatives gather to celebrate the Leadership Award presented to their leaders, John and Patricia. Acacia Global director Jane Letourneau was on hand (far right) to present this award.

Acacia Global showcased HISA’s work in a blog last March. Patricia and John continue to serve the community in the shantytowns outside Windhoek, Namibia providing meals, education, training in caring for people living with HIV/AIDS and hands-on training in two gardens.

Acacia Global supports HISA by funding their Kindergarten and Bridging School programs. We are very proud of their tireless efforts to help to improve the lives of so many people and giving of their own personal time. We often are inspired by the motivation of leaders like Patricia and John, who give so much of themselves to others. We hope that our support honors them in a way they so rightly deserve.

Thank you Patricia and John for your selfless efforts in working to change your community

Susan Everson